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Antonio Caamaño

Began his career in 1979 in Teinel. In 1983 began his activity in the world of new technologies, Canon and other international firms, developing projects for companies in sectors such as industrial, shipbuilding, fisheries and agriculture, and creating and directing technological societies Prosoft SL and Galisoft S.L. In 1991, began his entrepreneurial activity as the company creator of Soft Computing Master Ltd., which develops projects and applications for primary sectors and communication projects related to the Internet.

Since 2000 being the owner of SL DEZA Business, specializes in developing applications for mobility management and ERP, CRM and e-Commerce for a wide range of sectors and companies with international operations, while serving as partner with technology firms like IBM. He is also a partner and promoter of several technology companies and associations, such as Galicia Banner Ltd., a pioneer specializing in interactive communication, and EGANET among others.

Antonio holds a diploma from the University of Alcala de Henares and at Bridgedworld, specializes in technology and ICT. Speaks Spanish and English.