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Thursday, June 23rd, 2011

The Spanish edition of the prestigious Harvard Deusto Business Review of June 2011 (# 202/2011), has published a white paper by three of our consultants on the application of tools such as Balanced Scorecard and Strategy Maps for Cluster development .

The work is based on actual experience and the definition and implementation of techniques for development of complex membership-type organizations like clusters.

In a business network like the Spanish, the role of cooperation across clusters and regional and sector-based systems of innovation is a key factor for improving the competitiveness of these companies, who must learn to cooperate and compete simultaneously in a continuous changing environment. Tools like the Balanced Scorecard and Strategy Maps proved very useful in managing and aligning the strategic objectives of all components of a cluster.

Authors: Alvaro Gomez Vieites, Carlos Otero Barros and Ignacio Prieto
Harvard Deusto Business Review, ISSN 0210-900X, N ยบ 202, 2011, pp. 58-71
Eg, “New principles for the management of strategic capabilities”

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