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Data Mining & Web Mining

Knowledge discovery.

Monday, June 1st, 2009
Tecnologías de la Información

Data Mining is defined as a non-trivial extraction patterns of implicit information, previously unknown and potentially useful, from available data warehouse.

In the so-called Information Society where the stored data grows exponentially, Data Mining proves instrumental to efficiently analyze and exploit them.

The information drawn from Data mining allows companies to better understand its market and target needs in accurate way.

Data Mining uses many different techniques to produce valuable information. From a simple graphic analysis to statistical complex methodology using sophisticated algorithms related to artificial intelligence and automatic learning to show clustered date, regressions, value prediction, pattern detection and attributes association.

An interesting application of Data Mining is known as Web Mining, an application of techniques to discover patterns and structured information from the Web.

Monitoring the use of your Web will provide valuable information on future promotions and marketing actions.
Web Mining will offer traffic analysis, rank your contents, inform on your users, OS and browser types, association rules between pages and average conversion rates among others.

Whenever your company undertakes a new project, remember that is a good idea to analyze as much information as you can collect to obtain insights on how to proceed and eventually tweak your route.

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