Why Bridgedworld

If you ever though to become a consultant, you may have browsed through some of the famous consulting companies. You may even know a person working in one of them.

At Bridgedworld, we understand consultancy in a different way and thus we offer a different service than traditional advisors.

The people at Bridgedworld are not consultants formed and trained in-company. All of us have hold executive positions in international corporations where we have been in charge of general management, marketing and commercial management.

We have started SBU’s, sales and distribution channels and commercial offices in various countries.

We look at the world as our home. We understand the different cultures and feel them as ours after having lived in several countries for years.

We hold good educational backgrounds and update them continuously. We believe in cooperation and share our knowledge to provide an excellent service to our customers.

Our motto is to help our customers in their internationalization process by diagnosing, planning and executing as Interim Managers when the situation so required.

We offer you to join us in a long term and flexible project, where everybody sets its dedication and goals, multicultural because you will be working with and for people from all over the world. And with the back up from a technological and extraordinary human team that will improve your performance.

Bridgedworld will let you get wherever you want. You will enjoy a great deal of autonomy by selecting the consultants you need to work with or cooperating with those that called on you. With the guarantee of an expert committee that advises, supervises and ensure the quality of your performance.

At Bridgedworld you work for yourself and will share and develop synergies with an outstanding group of professionals.

Depending on your experience, you may apply for BWnet, associate or even partner.

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