South East Asia

Europe is China’s largest trading partner since 2004 (ref: David LUFF, Le droit de l’Organisation mondiale du commerce. Analyse critique, Bruylant, Bruxelles 2004)

The Chinese economic reform started in 1978 and have accomplished a good percentage of its target, to generate sufficient surplus value to finance the modernization of the mainland Chinese economy. Growth rates of more than 10% have been something usual during the last years.

With more than 1,300 million inhabitants, the raise in GDP per capita makes this country potentially the largest economy in the world as soon as by 2030. By 2012 Lamborghini announced China will become its second largest market in the world.

china-exportsChina is leading some of the world largest markets already. Construction, motor vehicles, etc.

Still internal consumption is only 50% of de GDP, far from Western economies index and partially due to the weight of exports in the overall economy.

However, data is sometimes confusing. UBS has recalculated the export volume in terms of value added (the same procedure used to calculate the GDP). If so, exports only amount 10% of the GDP.

The country is now turning its eyes to the domestic market. An ambitious stimulus package representing about 16% of the country’s GDP, has been put in place to fuel the economy and keep the growth rate between 8% and 10%.

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