A world power in opportunities.

Spain is one of the best countries for business. Besides being one of the largest economies in the world,  its strategic position helps the country to stand out as a link between European and Latin American markets with whom it shares strong cultural links and a common languaje. At the same time, its proximity, with its comercial and investment interests with North Africa facilitates the development of different types of business.

The commercial agreements with countries all around the world and the obvious competitive advantage of being one of the EU countries,  puts Spain in a strong position with regard to business opportunities.

Mapa de Accesibilidad Mundial

Map of Global Accesability Enviroment Monitoring - European Comisision

The available infraestructures such as high speed trains, and air and sea communications with important Atlantic and Mediterranean ports and direct routes to all continents means that it can compete and put itself in a position as a global logistics hub.

Spain enjoys a pure form of  democracy, laboral and social stability and a legal framework which gives juridsdiccional guarantees to any company or investor acting within its market. Spanish society with an open and western culture, is one of the best formed in several areas, due to the fact that acces to university and professional training programs is offered to all the population which in return provides highly skilled and qualified professionals to companies.

From light manufacturing to heavy industry or naval construction, the level of quality in the manufacture of Spanish products has proved to be among the best in the world with a priviledged position in European and Latin American markets.

The textile industry, telecommunications, banking, health, tourism and renewable energy are also sectors in which Spain is a global reference. Cities such as Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, or Seville among others, which enjoy international prestige, have organized important cultural and sporting events and their capacity and international image is an additional guarantee.

Finally, and in view of the fact that the Spanish market provides fifty millions potential consumers, the decision to set up in Europe should not be contemplated without seriously evaluating Spain, which holds important competitive advantages with respect to the other options.