A nearby market, partner and economic engine

Europa Central

Central Europe

Europe is clearly, a multi-faceted market. A place connected with Spain through multiple stages like the seas and land borders, but in deepening commercial ties as in the case of Germany. Precisely, with Germany as the centerpiece of Mitteleuropa, with a +180 million inhabitants population, shows us countless communication and commerce channels. That is why it remains normal steps in the internationalization plans of Spanish and German companies to take advantages on those paths..

Beyond the recent figures from the shrinkage of GDP both in Italy and Germany, these should be read in the context of the current post crisis situation, where local governs are answering with measures that involves Spanish productive areas, enabling both the developing partnerships for manufacture/distribution as well as start-ups. On a certain way, a known perception of these markets as partners providers and future local headquarters.

Here in Bridgedworld, we have a close knowledge of corporate surface from markets as Bavaria, Lombardy and the Friulian region, having established start-ups in Munich and Udine, in sectors such as textiles, services and media. Industry sectors from Germany and Italy that became protagonists on the region related to Spain.