Natural born markets

minilatamBoth Spain and Latin America are natural related markets for companies in internationalization process. Besides the language and culture, we share a way of “doing”, having a shared viewpoint over the business world. This also creates and facilitates the migration process Spain-Latam-Spain which also makes narrower the Atlantic and easily delivers information from one place to another.

Therefore, they become into consideration as key places to install a representative office, a subsidiary, a factory or to reach a distribution agreement with a local partner.

The obvious natural wealth of the region help to sectors such as energy and renewable energy within it, are one of the main destinations for Spanish investment. Civil works and infrastructure sectors are also great prospects because of how much remains to be done.

Bridgedworld partners have developed business in the region in sectors that are also aimed at Spanish companies such as media and publishing houses that, for obvious reasons, have little difficulty in introducing their products and services.

But it is also a producer and exporter Region. Brazil is one of a group of countries known as BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India and China) which according to all experts, to be major trading powers in the future. And among all the countries highlighted Brazil, Argentina, Chile and Mexico that export more than two thirds of the total region.

Moreover, regarding the vast market of consumers who, in most countries are concentrated in big cities which, incidentally, in some cases facilitates the distribution of products and can minimize the risks of internationalization.

Politically, we believe that LATAM has recently made significant progress, not only because democracy is fully established and entrenched, but also by the trade liberalization that the authorities are getting developed.