Middle East

Dubai desert

Dubai desert


Oil is the source of 40% of the world energy consumption.

66% of the production comes from this area

25% comes from Saudi Arabia

In the Middle East and due principally to its oil production, the countries of the east coast and specially the UAE, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain and of course Saudi Arabia, have accumulated strong budget surplus that basically through sovereign funds have been invested both inside and abroad.

The political stability of these countries led to long term policies and steady growth. Dubai has diversify its future income from the oil industry to tourism and commerce. Dubai is today the third largest re-export hub in the world.

Good contacts and relations are a must to do business in these countries where nationals are people educated in world class universities and enjoy high living standards.

Together with them, Lebaneses are found as general managers, Palestinians as project managers and India nationals as financial managers. Lebaneses and Syrians have demonstrated to be highly qualified as entrepreneurs as well.

An area full of opportunities, with the financial resources to undertake any kind of project due to its overwhelming natural energy reservoirs.

The megaprojects being under construction may confuse exporters from other regions. In the end, price competitiveness is mandatory. One should not forget that trade was invented here.