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New launch in Brazil

Saturday, April 25th, 2009 - Ref. BW-s04
New launch

After two years selling its products through a local partner, a leading Spanish business group decides to set up office in Brazil with its own.

But market best situation had also led to the arrival of the most important competitors, so we had to quickly plan and execute the next steps to seize the advantage to be first to install a local office and take the natural next step to be exported.

First Steps

At first the focus was over two objectives:

  1. Resolve all legal issues related to organization and the logistics that have to do with offices, warehouses and suppliers.
  2. Design commercial activities and realize the strategy to follow in the first year of direct activity.

Both targets had to be ran in parallel to avoid the gap between the end of the operation with a local partner and the start of the activity alone.

So were two teams. The first part ran the operational and administrative. Due to the accompaniment of a local team of consultants all warehouses and suppliers were hired.

The second team was in charge of marketing and commercial area. First of all, we feel the need a distributor that offers service nationwide. At the same time was designing the marketing strategy that passed through the choice of products and the most efficient way to market launch by the obvious logistical challenges and risks posed by the distribution in a country as vast as Brazil.

The decision was to split the country in phases, thus minimizing stock risk. After the product selection was based on the results of market research that told us what was the best choice among the available product that met the likes of Brazilian consumers. And finally reached agreement with key media to ensure successful product promotion.

The result

The big goal came at the end of the first year: we had doubled the products availability, the turnover grew by 30% and also ourself as a team, 16 people being prepared to new changes and being adaptated to changing market demand. In addition, Brazil became the first subsidiary input by the outcome of all of Latin America.

All this was achieved in record time of 8 months since he had taken the decision to launch the new firm. Of course all these figures far exceeded initial expectations.

A Smashing Success

The accompaniment of a local expert team plus the business expertise gave by human resources that came the headquarters were the answer for the internationalization process. Besides, a well planned job, with professionals execution on assistant, gives an extraordinary rate of success in an short period of time, plus saving costs.

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