David Soler

Orange World and Networking

Saturday, November 21st, 2009

A few months ago I got my hands on a study on “Managing People in 2020” by PWC. The documents covered the results of a poll done by interviewing prospective employees and analyzing labor market trends. Broadly the study draws three major groups of companies and employees for the future:

  1. Blue World composed of large corporations as a result of successive mergers and acquisitions. Employees having global geographic mobility, good salaries  and great benefits.
  2. Green World where all those concerned about the environment, ecology and social responsibility work professionally.
  3. Orange World based on small businesses and professional specialists working in networks with each other.

Until now companies felt more comfortable contracting with well known suppliers to discuss certain projects (the blue world). It seemed that the recruitment of micro-businesses or independent professionals was reserved for very specific jobs, more operational and based on trust in the practitioner. But every day we see more often  great professionals – many come from managerial and executive positions in multinational enterprises – are launched to make available to the market, large enterprises and SMEs, experience and know-how outside the typical great brand operation schemes. That is the Orange World.

This new scenario opens up a world of possibilities to both companies whose resources did not allow them before to enjoy higher levels of expertise services and provides skilled professionals interesting and challenging tasks.

A development that does not generate a sense of “emptiness” for those who were accustomed to the blue world large structures.

Projects can be addressed with equal or perhaps greater professionalism that those done by a general purpose company as it brings together and network specialists in each area.

This model also prevents from growing overheads by reducing structures, offices, etc.  It’s about being nimble, fast and “light”.

When taking the opportunities that technology offers and the Internet, some models look almost redundant. You have to take everything the Net puts at our disposal. And this serves to businesses of all sizes.

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