How we do it

Bridgedworld run their projects in two ways:

  1. Consulting, which analyzes and provides insights and plans to undertake change or new activities.
  2. Interim Management, where we take executive control of the area or project to be conducted as if we were a member of the client’s team.

Bridgedworld is present in the main Spanish cities and has long term agreements with highly qualified foreign consultants in the countries identified as prime destinations. We also have agreements with strategic partners to cover areas besides our core-business (Logistics or HR, for example).

Bridgedworld works as a team. Although only one partner leads the project (in terms of their professional profile and industry experience), it receives support from the rest of partners and consultants under the concept of “resource pools”.

Our Interim Management is available full-time, able to dedicate from one to five days a week. We do not limit the duration of missions that ultimately will depend on the scale of the project and the available budget.

An Executive Committee reviews and oversees the entire project to ensure that you the client, are taking full advantage of the know-how and experience available throughout the team and to ensure Bridgedworld’s premise that excellence is part of our values.

The service is provided onsite if necessary.