Who we are

At “Bridged World, S.L., International Consulting & Interim Management”, we provide strategic consultancy and marketing services to domestic companies in their internationalization process and help foreign companies to become established in Spain.

As former high-ranking executives with extensive experience in international markets; we help create added value to your company, as we have done for other well known multinational corporations. Thanks to our global vision of the business world, we manage to provide highly effective solutions.

Bridgedworld stems from a dual need:

  1. The internationalization need of Spanish companies, dealing with facts: very few actually stand in the foreign markets with a genuine vocation and, therefore, miss an opportunity to grow and become stronger as companies truly internationalized.
  2. And to develop business in Spain for local and foreign capital investments, developing strategic plans, as well as marketing plans, business plans, communication plans and the implementation and execution.

The concept of Bridgedworld has emerged from the combination of demand and supply, the new markets’ need on one hand, and the knowledge -in sectors, countries and management areas on the other – with the experience of partners and associated members.

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