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We understand Media as the key factor in corporate communications, from the trade scope thru cultural and social spaces. This awareness arises from our own environment, highly media related, where we came from and where we act now, and managing information with any kind of audiovisuals patterns but specially en internet media, like PC, mobile phones or digital signage systems.

We want to give an easy and clear access to our identity elements, such as available logotypes, press recommendations, print best uses, and due to technical nomenclature, a first reference (a brief description) to media professionals, journalists, editors and graphics.

By the use the present information (text and graphics) on this page, it must be included the citation source as Bridgedworld | from

Brief descriptions for editorial

a) Bridgedworld is a consultancy firm which integrates experts with direct experience to advise and assist companies in their international growth and manage change processes for clients as Interim Managers.

b) Internationalize is also a way to grow, to diversify risk, ensure business continuity and to combat the crisis locally.

Nomenclature at a glance

a) Interim Management: The management and executive control of the area or project to be undertaken by an external C-level executive, acting as a temporary member of the customer company.

Under Bridgedworld´s conception of Interim Management, dedication is full for days, could spend from one to five days a week. As a corporate decision, Bridgedworld doesn´t limit the missions lenght, this will only depend on the scale of the project and the budget available to the client.

c) Interim Manager: Bridgedworld offers only as Interim Managers exclusively C-level executives, working for a period and a completely defined mission.

We believe in Bridgedworld that an Interim Manager is, by its own nature, a talented executive. They must have extensive experience in management, being able to quickly adapt to new cultures and business processes and must be resolved to lead change and make a difference.

Graphic identities gráficas for use in blogs & Press

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d) minimum | stampbw-prs-132

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Partners profiles

Partners profiles