Business development

At Bridgedworld we escort your company at all stages through out the strategy definition and development.

We analyze global trends, help state your vision, mission and communicate your values, study your company’s competitive environment, competencies and how to climb the capability ladder, your competitive advantages and how to sustain and renew them, locate the best position on your sector’s value chain, introduce flexibility and dynamics to your organizational design, build and spread brand recognition and engage your people to share and push towards the same targets.


Helping companies to go international is our core business. The benefits of an internationalization process are immense, not only because of well know effects (economies of scale, risk diversification, turn over, etc.). A company present in different countries learn a lot of new things, practices, methods, ideas, that will reinforce its position at the local market.

We provide customized consultancy services. From an overall approach to a very specific circumstance to be addressed. From an Strategic Plan to the segmentation of a new market.

And once you know what to do, we will help you execute your plans acting as Interim Managers so your team does not need to distract from the daily business.

Or if you want to start up a new SBU, an Interim Manager will probably be the most suitable tool until the business is fully organized and running.