Market practice

Where are the company’s competitors today? And in the future?

Companies face competition from around the world. Those who stay at their local markets will not understand market dynamics until too late.

Competition is about a number of facts but price rivalry can be destructive. Companies should be prepared and show strength to competitors in all areas.

In order to stay competitive, economies of scale play an important role but they can only be achieved by selling in many countries.

Internationalizing the organization is a healthy way to grow, diversify risks and have a solid foundation to build upon.

Mercados BW: distribuciĆ³n global

Mercados BW: distribuciĆ³n global

Companies need to counteract against competitor hostile moves, like:

  • Relocation and retaliation
  • Market share challenge
  • Cost efficiency gains by economies of scale

Customers are also looking to go abroad. Suppliers can not afford to be left behind.

Bridgedworld consultants hold 20 years average experience in several countries and cultures, having lived and shared daily the different realities, managing projects and starting new ventures.

We specialize in the USA, Canada, Latin America, Spain, UK, Italy, Germany, Austria, Ireland, Middle East and China.

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