What is Interim Management ?

Companies eventually have projects or needs to be carried out rapidly and on a very executive way. Under these circumstances, it is not advisable to distract internal human resources into a limited time assignment. The question is: where to find an experienced executive ready to take a job that will last for only few months? Is there any sort of managers on demand? The answer is Interim Management.

Crisis management, turnarounds, new star ups, restructuring, new markets and product development, are among the typical tasks Interim Managers perform.

Bridgedworld Interim Managers offer:

  • Managers who behaves as one more executive from the company but overqualified for the job
  • Hands on with full responsibility, recommends and implements based on practical experience
  • Perform independently from past company’s history and informal groups.
  • Control over the budget and no severance package.
  • Personally delivers tried and tested solutions
  • Leads from the front
  • Reports directly to the company
  • Provides coaching and mentoring to existing staff
  • In place within days due extensive talent bank

Our Interim Managers are available from one to five days a week and with no limitation on the duration of the assignment.

But Bridgedworld offers something unique in the market. Our Interim Managers work with the back up of our whole organization thus providing superlative performance and top notch solutions to our customers.