Ignacio Prieto

Viral Marketing and Entreprise 2.0 ( and II)

On the previous post, we discussed how Viral Marketing should be deployed as part of an overall strategy. We consider Relationship Marketing, as a frame where this tactic can co-exists with other marketing tools and improve promotional performance. Ultimately, Relationship Marketing will only develop to full extend in an Enterprise 2.0 environment.

Sunday, November 1st, 2009

Relatioship Marketing places customers at the center of the company’s focus integrating elements such as 360-degree marketing, micromarketing, product customization, etc. This strategy aligns well with the type of diffusion we want. Relationship marketing is market oriented, customer committed and create, develops and maintain relationship with them. Client and provider roles are not fully defined […]

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Armando Liussi

When city´s pulse froze: viral marketing

Friday, May 8th, 2009

This text is an abstract of a longer one, at least in its concept. The original text treats a case of successful business, in new markets´ development. Then, we will approach to a communicative methodology that takes deep roots in the corporate culture: the viral diffusion, the viral marketing. To put us into situation, we […]

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