The billion laboral cost of swine flu

The employment impact of influenza in Spanish companies

Friday, September 4th, 2009

Even while data are not yet known about viral resistance to drugs or  their mutation potential, started the arribal of preventive studies  based on the development of the common flu path and the evolution of “influenza A(N1H1)”, particularly in SouthAmerica.

Particularly was Adecco who wrote the report which highlighted the next strong figures: the “influenza A” has a huge laboral cost for Spanish companies of 1,000 million euros and its impact will affect more than 12% of workers, a total of 2.28 million people in Spain.

The symptoms of influenza are occurring lasting between 2 and 4 days, compared with the common flu, which has a process of between 5 to 7 days. Yet this time range is below the average of the casualties in the workplace, which is close to 40 days for temporary disability process for common illness, which put Spain as the European country with the highest absenteeism costs.

In this line, on Adecco´s headquarters are expecting that “influenza A” sickness will increase by 7.8% temporary work hours in addition to the demands in other years. Thus, companies will demand more than 12.5 million hours to employment agencies to supply employees.

Finally, the prediction of 50% of absenteeism by other sources is dismissed a priori ( “is so excessive”) on the human resources company.

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