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Times of redefining our strategy

How to cope with alternative futures in a fast changing World

Monday, May 11th, 2009

In the middle of a worldwide economic crisis, companies face difficult times trying to find the right path to follow.

Many of them start looking inside their business model and wonder whether their strategy is still viable. Are we in front of a new era? Do we have any chance to keep doing business as usual? Are our markets going to recover? Will we be here in five years from now?

Times of uncertainty. Times to reflect about who we are and where we go.

  • Global demand is down. Profits are falling.
  • Assets are over valuated. Loan guarantees are no longer enough.
  • With financial institutions under strong scrutiny, cash is king.
  • Developed markets are exhausting. 75% of the world consumption is at risk.
  • Emerging economies are feeling the impact of the crisis as well.

Let’s work in what we have chances to get better. Let’s hope that those who are in charge of providing good macroeconomic foundations are doing their job and let’s focus on what we can do at our level.

More than ever before, this is the time to redefine our strategy.

We do not have an hypothesis. We do not have a probable scenario. We need to be prepared to cope with alternative futures in a fast changing world.

But there are things that we should address in spite of the future.

  1. What’s our Vision? Where do we see our company in ten years’ time?
  2. What’s our Mission? What is our reason to be in the market?
  3. Have we define our Values? What is the reflection of the company’s culture?

The answer to these question is much more than just writing down an statement on the company’s site or entrance hall. It is what we are and what we want our people to share and align with. The foundation of any step we take further.

Last research among top corporations shows that those with a strong internal culture get better results when confronting difficult times.

But there is no single correct strategy. There are no two identical persons, nor companies.

We could give you a set “magic recipes” that other companies have successfully followed. But this will be of no use for you. Rather, this kind of approach would led you to wrong positioning.

At Bridgedworld, we will help clarify your company’s fundamentals and accompany you on this journey across the turmoil to:

  • Search into your business environment: We need to find an attractive industry and market to compete in.
  • Unveil and build core capabilities: We should focus and build on your strengths.
  • Develop renewable competitive advantages: What is your Unique Sales Proposition? How to sustain your competitive advantages?
  • Look into your business model: We look into the Business System and analyze the Supply Chain Management to find who adds value and who captures it.
  • Assess initiatives: How do we apply your core competencies to the markets?
  • Build your brand: Let’s compete in something different than just price.
  • Design your organization: We shall create a structural framework to achieve the company’s vision and goals.
  • Engaging your people: How can we stretch potential and create alignment and focus across the organization?

It is a fascinating exercise that will strength your performance and prepare you organization for the challenges you will need to face.

But there is something more. Even an excellent corporate architecture means nothing if you cannot match market needs. Your company needs to fit a rapidly changing market.

You need to know what is going on by being as close as possible to your customers, sharing their views, having them participate in the products you design, anticipating trends and having ready a set of solutions for their new requirements. And you will get a lot of information if you are present on various markets at the same time.

This is one of the reason why internationalizing is so important. Because you will learn from sophisticated markets what is going to happen next.

Bridgedworld can help you be there.

We can not only provide the insights and advise. We can also help you execute your plan as Interim Managers.

It is a total commitment to you. Until we see the sun again peeking over the horizon.